Who we are

Logistics Integrators specializing in foreign trade

We provide integral logistical services that permit import or export of merchandise, all the while protecting our clients’ investments.


This organization was founded by Attorney Edgar Lorenzo Fernández Madrid, graduate of the prestigious National Autonomous University (UNAM) with a degree in Tax Law, Legal Aspects of Foreign Trade from Mexico’s Autonomous Institute (ITAM) and studies in advanced business leadership from the Panamerican Institute of Business Administration (IPADE).

August 2008 saw the birth of the firm ‘Consulting and Services for Logistics and Customs Proceedings’, Consultoría y Services en Logística y Trámites Aduanales S.C. (CONSELTA), operating under customs patent number 1573 and national tax patent authorization 3946. We now have our own offices in the country’s principal port cities: Ensenada, Lázaro Cárdenas, Manzanillo and Tuxpan.

In January of 2016 Integradora Logística Fernández S.C. (FEME Logística) was incorporated to operate jointly, and is supported by our customs patents.


Foreign trade experts

FEME Logistica has the ISO 9001:2015, NMX-R-026-SCFI2016 and Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) certifications; that supports our operations and provide greater security to the client´s dispatches.

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Air, land and sea customs brokerage

Coordination of logistics processes

Putting your logistics operations in the hands of our advisors will offer the legal certainty that your merchandise complies with all conditions set by Customs Law.

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Tariff Classification

Identifying merchandise

Minimize the risk of incurring sanctions issued for inexact declarations, based upon imprecise tariff classifications. Our advisors classify your merchandise correctly.

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Door to Door

Total control of
logistics operations

Streamline delivery times with our “Door to Door” service. We handle receiving from the provider’s installations, warehousing and distribution to the final user, all in a timely and appropriate manner.

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Transportation in
all its forms

Moving your product from one place to another via land, sea or air; always under optimal logistical conditions.

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Insured merchandise

According to your requirements, we advise upon insurance options, from basic to comprehensive coverage.

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Governmental paperwork

All your documentation in order

Place your official proceedings and paperwork in our hands so all permits and certifications will comply with customs requirements.

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Logistics within your company

Work with us directly from your plant or warehouse. Together we’ll coordinate your foreign trade activities.

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Verification unit

Compliance with official
Mexican standards

Assure compliance with official Mexican standards before selling your merchandise. We confirm that your products will meet all official Mexican import or trade standards (NOM).

A world of logistics possibilities

Solutions designed for every type of industry

We have experience at dispatching products and materials of all kinds. We’re currently offering logistics solutions to the following sectors and industries:

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Consumer goods

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Energy and Oil

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Specialized Industries

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Raw Materials

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Mining and Metallurgy

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Field Office Network

Strategically placed in the country’s most active foreign trade zones.

Customs presence in:

· Ensenada
· Lázaro Cárdenas
· Manzanillo
· Veracruz
· Altamira
· Nuevo Laredo

It’s a pleasure to serve you!

Join our team!

Since 2008, FEME started operations with 5 collaborators. Our commitment: Be a competitive, innovative, and humane company, oriented to the total satisfaction of your clients.

The talent of our collaborates do FEME Logística a solid, and socially responsible company with presence in the main ports of Mexico.

For this reason, we invite you to make a career with us, to develop and realize yourself fully, and together provide an exemplary service through continuous improvement, with the guarantee of always offering logistical services with quality and warmth that meet the expectations of our customers.

Send us your resume to. do@femelogistica.com.mx